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L@’s go digital……

Die „All – in – one“ Lösung für die sichere Hotel/Gastro Zukunft.
Von der kulinarischen Konzepterstellung durch Armin Leitgeb über das „hand’s on training“ mit den Mitarbeitern bis hin zur Digitalisierung mit den Profi’s von BOA Business IT Experts. Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann….?



Alles zu meinem neuen Produkt „Les Rillettes“ finden Sie hier:


Hier finden Sie die nächsten Termine meiner kleinen privaten Kochkurse


When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving for perfection becomes clear.
„to make people happy“
that’s what cooking is all about.

Thomas Keller

Across the globe

1992 – Tirol / München / Elsass / Montpellier / Californien / New York / München / Singapore / Tirol – 2020

Let's strengthen your culinary concept for the time after Corona The challenging times to re-open restaurants, once the Covid19 restrictions are reversed, putting owners and restaurateurs in difficulties, as some concepts need to get adapted. Let’s do it together!

With “Armin Leitgeb Consulting” I provide a service where I personally support friends, colleagues, hotel and restaurant owners to find the right balance between quality, efficiency, profitability, creativity and the controversial “little bit of Ego”. For services like menu planning, creating new dishes for different concepts, modernizing, promotions, guest chef events, cooking classes or simply giving people a hand who are seeking for professional support, I am more than happy to assist

Let's do it together

Welcome to the world of the original "Tartes flambées"
As exclusive importer for Austria of this unique product, I am offering a light, flavourful and tasty possibility to every menu and bar-food. Not to me missed!!

Get inspired by the diversity of my "Tartes flambées"

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