Implementation / Realisation

„Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant“

The following list of key topics is to give you an idea about the full range of themes to work on, change, implement or create.

New opening
Erstellung neuer Konzepte für Küche und F&B
Concept changes
Digitalisierung für F&B
Cooking classes for guests
Modernisation of "standstill" issues
Creating new menus
Modern plating possibilities
Creating bar-food concepts
Translation of menus in German, English, French, Italian, Russian
Reinforce regionality and sustainability
Training on new, modern cooking techniques
Training on newly created implemented dishes
Optimisation of work processes
Employee motivation
Creating new dishes
Providing a calculation system
Implementing structures
Creating of employee manuals
Guest Chef Events
Modern food shots
Creating administration list's
Quality management
Mystery shopping, mystery checks
Gala dinners
Different events